Let us talk about the most cliché topic love.

When I was younger my answer was love is a word spelled as L.O.V.E. as simple as that. Now that I got older I realized love was never simple. Love is something felt for all kinds of stuff: living and non living. I still cannot fully explain what that was but I will try to describe the times I felt loved

  • Family 

The earliest memory of familial love I have is when my brother became the “taya” – loser for a whole day because I was always bad at games and he hates to see me cry. When we grew older I recall him buying me a high heeled shoes using his own savings just because I like wearing them. Even now that we are both grown ups he still helps me. Especially now that I resigned from a job. 

Mom and dad showed me different kinds of love as parents. Mom was always there and sometimes she could be annoying. My father on the other hand views love as his way of providing for us. Both are good sometimes I wish we were like other families. I know they love us but sometimes I feel like the kid I was and wish we have time to eat a meal together. 

My relatives are pretty cool. However, they don’t seem to recall me. Whenever they talk about my parents’ they only remember my brother. at first it was not fine. When I grew up I got used to it. 

Family is important. They make you who you are and will always be there no matter what happens. 

  • Friends

I have alot of friend BUT I don’t have one of those super “kikay” friends that would sleep over, talk about guys and gossips.

During my days in school, I have met alot of people. Made friends with them and maintain contact until now.It was definitely NOT a rainbow and sunshine. I experience some dramas and how to get back stabbed by the one you trusted the most. I survived. 

I became an internet fan, in the literal sense of the word. Majority of my friends are people I only speak virtually. It was both a sad and happy event. I felt happier and more loved compared to those I meet. This kind of love is fleeting and not good in the long run.

Fact: Strangers give the soundest advice without fear of being judged.

Fun facts: an online friend wants to send me chocolates as a New Year gift. I hope it is true. I’m drooling over Belgian chocos 😂

  • Boyfriend/s 

I am still inexperienced with this part. I only had one boyfriend that I loved alot. He was the perfect first boyfriend. I’ve secretly compare guys I meet with him. I don’t even recall why exactly we broke up but we just did. Must be my failure to appreciate a good one. 

If you find love just enjoy it sometimes it does not last.

 When I was still a little girl, my mom told me that if you go to a church that you haven’t been before and make a wish then it would come true.

I only have one wish until now. That God let me find the perfect guy for me. He still have not answered or maybe I was too blind to notice. All those Disney things stucked to me.

  • God

Well this topic does not need any explanation. This is a universal truth. 


Sometimes we just forget but this is true. I will end it here because it is better if you find this truth yourself. 

  • What kind of other love can you add?

A/N: I am busy being online with this apps called Wakie and Whisper. I have forgotten to update. Sorry. And THANK YOU to my very limited followers. 😘😘

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