Author notes


I would like to introduce myself as your lovable author… (drum roll) 


Well that is in case you have not noticed the name of my blog. In here I would post my ideas, life, food, videos and mybe create my own story in the future. *fingers crossed*.

Author is a girl and loves random things. She has the tendency to annoy you by her spam like method of sending sms and stupid questions. That is of course her personality.
She also loves vegetables… 


Well author likes sweet foods and is a picky eater. Apparently she is afraid of not having enough food to eat.
She also has very good english skill…


So please point out if she writes anything wrong. If she is “masipag” she would correct it. Usually she is lazy so don’t count on it. Language would be English, Filipino or a mix of both.

Ladies and Gents please comment me some topics and I shall try to post my nonsense about the topic. Yeah I use nonsense. 75℅ opinion 20% day dream 5℅ research. 


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