My daily life

I went to a Birthday Party


 Things that you may not be aware.

Today I went to my cousins’ birthday party. Yay!! Normally, I hate groups of people but I have to do it. It is a debut for both a guy and a girl cousin. 

Double celebration!

I woke up at 6:30 am. Time that my mind cleared but I kept receiving messages as early as 2 a.m. 
from whom you ask?
 you did not? 

I will still tell you. From an acquaintance I met online.I shall speak of the app another time. We are not close so it made me just ignore them. Back to topic. haha
Got myself wear a blue dress with slits on both side. The dress is shorter infront and longer at the back. It looks chic to me. 7 am went to travel and got there around 9. Just imagine the distance.
My pretty cousin was wearing a pure white short dress. Honestly, it looks suspiciously from an anime. She was having fun with a karaoke (something that is used to sing. A tv and a box with button that shows lyrics and  has a mic. Just go google it)
So I was one of the earliest guest. Mom was the other one. If I have to sum up a

Perfect Kapampangan bday

is a day without stopping to eat food. 

I ate kaldereta as breakfast and drank coconut juice. Afternoon my lunch I had so many choices thatmy stomach gave up. Chicken, beef, pork, fish, veggies, pandan salad, and lots of stuff. I even took afternoon snacks within 5 minutes after the main meal. 
I therefore conclude that….

Younger Kapampangan has a reason why they are called maarte “picky” on food. Just think on how many food we consume everytime me get together

I also saw my guy cousin’s new girlfriend. Okay let us keep this as a secret, she is pretty but I like the former fling more. Girl just have something I cannot pin-point. Maybe it is the so called girl intuition. 

Fact: Gatherings are source of gossips.

The whole bday party was not a traditional debut where the celebrant dance. Just the normal one makes me sleepy. 
Best part of the party is going home. 

Take home food does not only come from restaurants.


This is very true. I am not sure about the whole Filipino race but almost all those in my family (maternal anyway) always make sure that we bring home food. No matter if they are rich or poor they gives you something to look forward too at home.

 Not just that 

it is not required but we always bring gifts when visiting each other even without an occassion. Almost always it is a dish, cake, fruits or just food in general. 

  • Do you notice if the people around you do this things too? 
  • Is it just my family?

I saw this pretty cake and decided to share it to you 😘



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